June 28, 2016

First two day trip of the year
by James McDaniels

Captain Shawn Trowbridge returned this evening from our first two day trip of the season. He reported excellent conditions and lots of Yellowtail on the kelps with 75 quality fish making it into the RSW tank. As has been the norm for a month now, 40 to 200 pound Bluefin Tuna continue to tease us, showing themselves on an almost daily basis but hooking one is a challenge and landing one is an even bigger challenge. Shawn said they did hook a few today but were unsuccessful in getting one on the boat. I would like to remind everyone that we're still about two weeks away from what I would consider to be "go time" judging by the last few years and we are set up to have an incredible season. We have a couple definite go trips coming up for the Fourth of July weekend and I hope to see you all soon on the boat with either Captain Shawn or myself. James McDaniels


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